Annual Report


Dear Friends of Book Trust,


Let’s start with the children.

Over 38,000 lives were transformed this year, thanks to you. Imaginations were sparked and adventures were had through new books that our students had a chance to choose and buy, thanks to you. And over 2,000 teachers grew their classroom libraries and had resources to support their best practice literacy instruction and family engagement in reading, thanks to you.

Serving 38,000 children represents the first step towards reaching a three-year goal to serve 100,000 students in a single year. We will achieve this goal by the fall of 2018. And our strategic plan, which celebrates our 10-year anniversary, is the first step towards achieving an even greater goal – serving 1 million students in a year. One million represents a full 10 percent of children in our target age group living in poverty in America.

Each step along this journey is made possible by you and we are grateful. Our kids discover a passion for reading, improve at school, build home libraries and spend more time reading at home with their families. It’s a win-win situation, and a joy to behold. As the demand for Book Trust grows, we are working hard to ensure we continue to deliver on our mission.

This past year, partnerships were developed in Oakland, Omaha, and New York City. Book Trust will serve 10,000 new students in these markets alone! Lessons learned in these communities will inform the partnerships we build in the hundreds of other communities across the nation requesting Book Trust. We will learn and grow and learn and grow until our 1 millionth student is served.

On behalf of all the grateful students whose lives you transformed this year, let me offer heartfelt thanks.  We literally couldn’t do it without you.

With deep gratitude,

Amy Friedman

President & CEO

measurable impact

Book Trust definitely impacts literacy in the home by providing a home book collection for students and their siblings to choose, read, and reread from. Since involvement in Book Trust, the amount of family members reading together has increased greatly.

Kindergarten Book Trust Teacher


Because Book Trust students are building a home library of up to 30 books, 71% of Book Trust Teachers said that Book Trust has increased family involvement with reading at home. You can read more about this and other impact data from the 2014 - 2015 school year below.

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