A Parent’s Story: ‘I’m Just So Grateful’

Cyesenia 1140
Cyesenia only wants the very best for her two lovely children. But because money is tight, she hadn’t been able to buy books for them – until Book Trust came along. This is her story.

Every month I have enough money for rent and food, but then there are only a few dollars left. As much as I would like to, I just can’t afford to buy books for my two children.

Bookshop windowThat’s why Book Trust has had such a big impact on my family. Each month now, both my kids get to choose two or three books, which are delivered to their school.

And then they get to keep every one and bring them home. It has been awesome.

Home library

My son and daughter absolutely love their books. They love reading them, they love the way they look, they even love the way they smell.

Two kids reading ENow we have made up a little library in our home and my kids are just so happy. It’s their library. And having the books is helping them learn new things all the time.

What makes Book Trust even more special is that every kid gets to choose their own books. Because my children actually pick out their own books, I think they love reading them even more.

‘Beautiful’ progress

Book Trust has helped my family in so many ways. For example: my son loves Lego, but I can’t afford to buy him a set. However, now he has some Lego books from Book Trust, and he reads them again and again.

My little boy has a speech impediment and learning disability so it has been beautiful to see him reading and learning so much, and loving it. And of course, his little sister sees what he is doing and copies him.

Book Trust is helping my kids to develop and grow into better readers. I really appreciate everything they have done for us, and I know I speak for all the other parents at our school when I say: We’re truly grateful.

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