(Almost) speechless in Seattle…

Kevin Seattle teacher EB
Since Book Trust helps so many students (38,000) across such a vast area (15 States), it’s often difficult to know exactly what happens in each classroom. Unless a nice teacher writes to tell us, of course…

Dear Book Trust,

I just wanted to thank you for including my school in your program. I do not imagine you are able to easily gauge the impact of your program, but it is a smashing success in my classroom.

My class is an extremely mixed income, background, and reading ability room. Many of my students have never been into a book store or even had their own funds for shopping.

Eager and excited

When we order new books from the Scholastic Reading Club flyers at the start of each month, all my students are so excited.

Kevin Seattle teacher 2E
We usually spend at least 30 minutes book shopping, and they love choosing their own books.

After that, they ask every day when the order is coming in. We even track the shipping together as a class so we’ll know exactly when it’s coming.

Home libraries

And when the book box finally arrives, the unpacking is a celebration in itself.

Kevin Seattle 3Now some of my students have actually started talking about their home libraries, built up using Book Trust books. And they are even making book recommendations to our school librarian.

So, on behalf of my students and the rest of my school, thank you.

Kevin McNew, teacher

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