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The best letter we’ve had this year

Book Trust has had such a big impact on ten-year-old Riley’s life that one day he decided to just write and tell us all about it. These are his words …MORE ››

How we all pay for failing schools

The literacy crisis engulfing American schools in low-income areas can appear to be an isolated problem – something bad that happens to other people. But its effects are far-reaching and …MORE ››

Five funny books that make kids laugh

A giggling reader is much more likely to turn to the next page, and side-splitting stories are great for getting young readers into the book habit. Here are some of the …MORE ››

How to stop an 8-year-old’s reading freeze

What happens? One minute, your kids are whizzing through books like little dynamos – then suddenly their reading habits fall off a cliff. But there is a way to stop …MORE ››

Five Oddball Books That Will Mesmerize Kids

Have you ever noticed how children just love things that are wacky, weird or just a bit, well, odd? These crazy capers – at times surreal, sinister and mildly disgusting …MORE ››

Where did all the ‘stuff’ go?

Many homes that, just a few years ago, were filled with records, magazines, DVDs, newspapers and – yes, books – now instead feature a few shiny digital devices. And for …MORE ››

It all began with Batman…

Our lovely anecdote about two young brothers will touch your heart. But more importantly, it also shows why it’s so important to ensure little ones can get their hands on …MORE ››

Seven Children’s Books Adults Can’t Resist

Hang on, these were meant to be for kids, right? In a golden age for young literature, we name the books that sent thousands of adults flocking to the junior …MORE ››

How to make a classroom smile for a year

It’s a philanthropic buzz like no other – empowering an entire classroom of low-income children to buy their own books for a full school year. That’s exactly what the Bodenhamer …MORE ››

Six Children’s Books That Were (Surprisingly) Banned

Over the years, censors have shown an admirable ability to get themselves worked up over the silliest things. Hard to believe, but each of these books has actually been removed …MORE ››


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