Spending Time in Classrooms is all in a Day’s Work for Book Trust Team Members

As any parent volunteer will tell you, there’s nothing like spending time in the classroom to experience the world through a child’s eyes.

Book Trust Launches in New York City

It’s the most populous city in the United States—a fast-paced global power influencing commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. It is arguably the cultural and financial capital of the world, and this fall, Book Trust launched its program in twelve schools across the city.

How to Create a Love of Reading

Do you wish your child loved to read? Here are some tips to instill a life long love of reading in your child.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Ever wonder what it's like to be on the ground as a Book Trust educator? Katie from Nebraska, wrote in to share the inspiring daily experiences she has with her students and their newly donated books.

Our endless thanks to Katie for igniting a passion for reading in young minds and to you, our Book Trust community, for making life-changing donations to educators like Katie and her students.

Hurrah for the Wisconsin Wonder Teachers

A group of ingenious teachers in Wisconsin are squeezing an extra bit of goodness from Book Trust – and using it to help even more kids at their school.

Children’s Books: Available Only in White

Millions of American students of color spend their days leafing through books where none of the characters look remotely like them. Is it any wonder they feel excluded?

Why Strong Girls Are Good News for Boys, Too

The growing number of brave, independent girls in children’s books don’t only provide positive role models for female readers – they also teach boys valuable lessons about the supposed ‘weaker’ sex.

5 Most Rotten Betrayals in Kid’s Books

Boo! Hiss! Every good children's book needs a rotten sneak, a sniveling turncoat who drops everyone else right in it. We celebrate the best of the worst.

Which Children’s Book Character Are You?

Kid’s books are bursting at the seams with memorable characters who have BIG personalities. But which of the following do you most resemble?

6 Jaw-Dropping Locations in Children’s Books

Because sometimes it’s not only who the character is and what they do, but where they do it….


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