How to make a classroom smile for a year

It’s a philanthropic buzz like no other – empowering an entire classroom of low-income children to buy their own books for a full school year. That’s exactly what the Bodenhamer …MORE ››

Six Children’s Books That Were (Surprisingly) Banned

Over the years, censors have shown an admirable ability to get themselves worked up over the silliest things. Hard to believe, but each of these books has actually been removed …MORE ››

Five Deliciously Scary Books for Children

Want your child to have a good night’s sleep? Maybe don’t choose these spooky reads as their bedtime story… 1. Grimm’s Fairy Tales (The Brothers Grimm) So you think you …MORE ››

Six Superb Kids Books about Presidents

There has been a lot of mudslinging and name-calling during this Presidential campaign. But you can distract your children with these six informative and quirky books about some of our …MORE ››

Where’s the Hope for Hispanic Students?

Already lagging behind by the time they start kindergarten, many Latino children across America go on to face a downward educational spiral that leads directly to dead-end jobs and unemployment. …MORE ››

Five Great Read Aloud Chapter Books for Kids

As every parent knows, some books just seem a bit meh but others demand to be READ ALOUD in a BIG VOICE. Here are some rousing books that will bring …MORE ››

Five Children’s Classics They’ll Want to Read Again (And Again)

There’s a very good reason children are still reading these books decades after they were published. They’re very good… 1. Charlotte’s Web (E.B. White) More than 50 years on, this …MORE ››

All the Little Scientists and Shakespeares…

If you’re agonizing over whether literacy-based or STEM instruction is best for your child, stop worrying. Any good education should harness the strengths of both approaches. Teachers and academics like …MORE ››

Rise of the ‘Screenagers’

It sounds like a horror movie – and for many parents, it often feels like one. Across America, millions of children spend hours each day with their faces buried in …MORE ››

(Almost) speechless in Seattle…

Since Book Trust helps so many students (38,000) across such a vast area (15 States), it’s often difficult to know exactly what happens in each classroom. Unless a nice teacher …MORE ››


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