(Almost) speechless in Seattle…

Since Book Trust helps so many students (38,000) across such a vast area (15 States), it’s often difficult to know exactly what happens in each classroom. Unless a nice teacher …MORE ››

Five best movies made from children’s books

Loved the book? Wait till you see the movie! Few things are more exciting for kids than a movie that successfully brings a much-loved book to life. Here are five …MORE ››

A Parent’s Story: ‘I’m Just So Grateful’

Cyesenia only wants the very best for her two lovely children. But because money is tight, she hadn’t been able to buy books for them – until Book Trust came …MORE ››

It’s Read Across America Day – if you have a book

Today, thousands of little bookworms will be getting lost in a good story as our nation marks its national celebration of reading. But of course, this all depends on you …MORE ››

Scared of being bored

The constant glut of images, sounds and sensations that fill a child’s every waking hour has led – in a single generation – to a whole new mindset among young …MORE ››

Eight Tips for Bedtime Reading

Book at bedtime is a crucial part of any child’s day – and can bring huge benefits. Here are some tips to help ensure your little ones both have fun …MORE ››

The best book they ever heard

Most of us probably think reading aloud is something you do with younger children, but 58 percent of middle school teachers regularly stand and read before classrooms of all ages. …MORE ››

Why books matter for children

Living in a digital age offers many opportunities for our younger generation, but it can also cramp their imaginations.

Nicole Dieker on becoming a ‘Book Fairy’ for Giving Tuesday

By Nicole Dieker The New York Times’ Motherlode blog recently asked how parents and teachers can “make book orders work for children who can’t afford books.” They included a quote from an …MORE ››

Help Kids Cope With Tragedy Through Reading

It’s called bibliotherapy and it refers to the use of books to help cope with traumatic events. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris as well as ongoing …MORE ››


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