Room full of Champions

It was a beautiful summer morning and the empty University Preparatory School’s cafeteria was smelling of delicious breakfast food. It was the first ever Breakfast for Champions event where Book Trust’s local volunteers and supporters were invited to attend an informational breakfast explaining exactly what a Book Trust Champion is.

Book Trust has kicked off the new school year by introducing a new group made of passionate believers in Book Trust. Book Trust Champions are a special group of people who share Book Trust’s mission to inspire kids’ passion for reading. When invited to become a Book Trust Champion, your main purpose is to spread the word about Book Trust and its impact towards children’s lives.

The guest of the breakfast were explained that if they were to sign up as a Book Trust Champion, they would receive three simple missions to choose from each month. They have the choice to pick one or all three to complete within 30 days. The missions sent to Champions are either focused on educating themselves and others about Book Trust, participating in a Book Trust event, or advocating Book Trust in the community.

After the future Champions listened to Linda Mitchell from Book Trust explain what being a Book Trust Champion means, Book Trust principal, David Singer, spoke on how Book Trust directly effects each Book Trust student in his school. He explained how many of his students are devoted readers as early as Kindergarten due to Book Trust promoting the importance of choice and celebration of reading.

The breakfast guests grab their complementary children’s book and excitedly wait in line to sign-up to become a Book Trust Champion. Book Trust is happy to invite anyone and everyone to become a Book Trust Champion by contacting Kristine at As soon as you become a Champion, you will be invited to join the Book Trust Champions’ Facebook group where all of the Book Trust Champions from every Book Trust state can share fun stories of how they accomplished their monthly mission of choice and other creative ideas to spread the word of Book Trust.


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