Spending Time in Classrooms is all in a Day’s Work for Book Trust Team Members

As any parent volunteer will tell you, there’s nothing like spending time in the classroom to experience the world through a child’s eyes.

Books can be eye-opening for children, but delivering books in Book Trust classrooms can open our staff and volunteers’ eyes too. Hearing about Book Trust’s impact is one thing; seeing it for yourself is entirely another. The experience takes our passion for Book Trust, our teachers, our donors, and especially the students we serve, to a whole new level.

Classroom time is Connection time

Being so close to the teachers and students we serve helps me do my job, and it’s tremendously rewarding! It also means that when one of our supporters asks me about our organization’s impact or why I work at Book Trust, I can draw directly upon my most recent experience in a Book Trust classroom and provide a genuine answer that comes from the heart, and so can our entire team.

At Book Trust, our team members regularly volunteer in the classroom. We’re there in classrooms when books are being delivered, and even when they’re not, to read to kids or to be their captive audience as they read aloud to us. We help them choose their next books and help teachers enter and submit their classroom book orders. And we love it!

Book by book

Whether it is his or her first book delivery or their sixth, when a teacher calls out a student’s name and places books that they now own in their hands, the joy is written all over their faces. We know that as the children’s backpacks grow heavy with books during the year, so too will their love of reading.

Team BT: PJ’s, new favorites y hablando en español

Here’s a peek at the volunteer experience a few of our staff members had just last month:

Donna, Finance: “I was at Cheltenham Elementary for Pajama Day! So, of course, we had to add hot chocolate to the mix and settle in with a holiday tale, Santa Duck. I loved spending time in the classroom to see our mission in action, and to check out the latest in superhero pajama fashions.”

Rachel, Teacher Accounts: “Last month at Harrington Elementary, the students I was working with got to choose an extra book. I loved being a part of that excitement, helping them choose their next favorite book. Every kid has a special place where they keep their growing library of books, and they love to describe that space and talk about who they read to at home.”

Leon, Office Manager: “As a Spanish speaker, I most enjoy getting into the classroom and chatting with kids who may be new to their school, and even to Colorado. Getting to know a little bit about their lives and what they’re excited to read about really underlines the value of Book Trust for me, and I can take that back into the office and put it to work.”



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