How can I bring Book Trust to my school?

If you are interested in bringing Book Trust to your school, please fill out the Get Involved form on the donate page at booktrust.org/donate.

What types of organizations are eligible for Book Trust?

The Book Trust program leverages teachers as a touchpoint. Therefore we only work with teachers and schools to administer the program.

How does the Book Trust Program work?

Each month, teachers pass out Scholastic Order Flyers to their class and set aside class time to guide and assist students in choosing books that appeal to them. Once students have selected $7 worth of books, Teachers use the Scholastic Student Flyer Order (SFO) tab at https://clubs2.scholastic.com/ to enter their Book Trust order. This needs to be done by midnight MST the last day of each month. Book Trust will only reimburse for orders entered on time and using this tab.

How can I get involved with Book Trust?

There are a variety of options for those looking to support or get involved with Book Trust. For information on donating to Book Trust, please see our donate page at booktrust.org/donate

Does Book Trust accept donations of books?

No, Book Trust does not accept book donations. It is not a part of our distribution model.

Book Trust Teachers

What changes have been made to Book Trust this year?

There are a few changes to the Book Trust Program for the 2015-2016 school year that all Book Trust Managers and Teachers need to be aware of, including:

  • Teachers will not be using BookMark at all this year. Book Trust Managers will only be using BookMark to enter and maintain the Teacher Roster.
  • Teachers will need to place their order each month through the Scholastic Student Flyer Order (SFO) tab only There will be no double entry of orders this year.
  • Teachers must place their order by midnight the last day of each month in order to get reimbursed by Book Trust. Book Trust will not be able to accommodate any late orders this year. If you miss an order, you must use next month’s order.
  • It will not be possible to place multiple orders at a time. Because we want Book Trust to form a monthly routine at the classroom level and because of the ordering platform with Scholastic, multiple month ordering isn’t possible moving forward.

What is the deadline for placing orders?

Teachers have until the last day of the month at midnight to place Book Trust orders through Scholastic Student Flyer Orders (SFO) tab. Once this time passes, they are locked out of the month, therefore losing their chance for Book Trust to pay for that month’s order. Book Trust is a “use it or lose it” program. Per the new 2015/2016 Scholastic ordering platform, Book Trust can no longer accommodate any late orders. Book Trust highly recommends placing your orders through Scholastic Student Flyer Orders (SFO) tab by the 15th of each month to ensure enough time is given in case of any issues. Remember, for the first order, a Student Roster must be created.

Where can I find my Customer Number?

In order to find your customer number, login to your Scholastic account and click “My Account” in the top right corner. Your customer number will be the 10 digit number located under the “My Profile” tab on the left hand side. It is important that every Book Trust teacher orders with the correct Customer Number because this is what Book Trust uses to reconcile accounts with Scholastic each month.

What if a student orders more than 7 dollars’ worth of books for a particular month?

Each month, Book Trust will pay up to $7 for each eligible student to choose and purchase books from Scholastic. Any amounts over $7 will have to be paid by the teacher using the “combination of checks and credit card” option inside Scholastic during checkout. It is the teacher’s responsibility to collect this money from the students who order above $7/month and pay Scholastic directly. For example, if a Book Trust student orders $10 worth of books, the teacher is responsible for collecting the extra $3 and paying Scholastic.

Why do I have a balance with Scholastic? When will Book Trust pay my order?

Book Trust highly encourages Teacher’s to continually monitor your Scholastic account balance. After the month closes, it typically takes Scholastic 2 weeks to apply the Book Trust payment for the previous months’ order to your Scholastic Account. Book Trust recommends checking your balance by the 15th of each month to ensure the previous month’s Book Trust order has been payed. Please remember to pay any amounts over the Book Trust eligible $7 for each student, as well as any personal balances.


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