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News media interested in covering Book Trust, or those needing an expert in children’s literacy and reading, please contact our CEO, Kellie O’Keefe. | 720.259.8048

About Book Trust

As a national literacy program, Book Trust is well-positioned to work with members of the media in a number of areas, including:
— Literacy best practices
— Promoting reading in the home
— Reading programs and curriculum
— National trends in education and literacy


Every child discovers the joy and power of reading to create limitless possibilities.


Engaging every child in book choice and ownership, cultivating literacy-rich communities.


Our core values reflect our beliefs as a Book Trust community.

  1. Literacy is a human right.
  2. Book choice and ownership creates motivated readers.
  3. Reading has the power to transform lives and communities, breaking the cycle of poverty.
  4. Our donors, schools, teachers and Scholastic are key to our success.

More Information

Book Trust Program Snapshot

Each month of the school year, Book Trust teachers engage their students in choosing books that connect to their interests. Anticipation builds as teachers place their students’ orders on Scholastic’s website and kids start asking, “Are the books here?” and “How many more days?” Upon the arrival of the coveted book box in classrooms, teachers celebrate the books with students and create excitement about being book owners. Students hug their books, and sometimes even smell them, before sharing their new prized possession with their peers. Prior to the books going home, students proudly write their names in their books (in marker!) and begin reading their books. Reading, or at least beginning the book, in the classroom allows students to lean on their teacher for any support and gain confidence in the new worlds they’re discovering between the pages. Books are then placed in backpacks and sent home for students to read with their families. 

In terms of impact, Book Trust continually strives to improve both the components of the program and the consistent way they are implemented and measured. Our goals are an increased motivation to read, improved reading scores, and building lifelong readers and learners. We measure fidelity by evaluating book choice data, pre- and post-year surveys, and reading level gains.

Meet Angel, Book Trust’s “Everykid”

At Book Trust, we often tell stories about kids and their reading challenges, and how Book Trust powerfully impacts their reading success. But sometimes it can be difficult to “cover all the bases” of the Book Trust story. So we created Angel, a made-up kid who reflects much of the experience of any (and every) Book Trust kid, as well as what’s going on behind the scenes. Check out Angel’s road map for success and Book Trust’s big dreams for “everykid.”

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Recent Awards Received

  Charity Navigator Four-Star Charity

‘Outstanding Nonprofit 2017’ from Governor’s Commission on Community Service

Our Impact

2018-2019 school year:

  • 57,000 students served
  • 203 schools
  • 21 states
  • almost 1 million books
  • 19% vs. 4% gain in on-grade level reading (in Book Trust students vs. non-Book Trust students)


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Success Stories

“All day long, we ask our students to read the books we pick for them.  We level the books for them and we decide whether we are reading fiction or nonfiction books.  It is wonderful for the students who love to read but the struggling readers don’t have ‘buy in.’  With Book Trust, all of my students were able to get books that THEY wanted!  The excitement they showed when we pulled out the book flyer was amazing!  They would pour over each book to find the books that peaked their interest and built their excitement for the box to arrive.  I am so thankful to Book Trust for making ALL STUDENTS in my class READERS!”
– Melissa Yost, Mockingbird Elementary, 2nd

“Third graders have moved from “Ohhhhh, I want…..” to “hey, did you see this, you love this kind of book….check it out!”  One of my favorite comments to date was “Did you see this?  You are a Captain Underpants guy, like I am a Wimpy Kid guy…. They are heard saying things like “I love shark books….maybe this one is good, too-its about a different kind of killer animal”   or “Amelia Bedelia is funny, but she’s too easy!  I think this one might be the same kind of funny!” or “Beverly Cleary wrote this too?  I thought she only did Ramona books!” This kind of engagement with books is something teachers work hard to instill, and Book Trust works magic! – Leslie Hanna, Lafayette School

“Specifically, Goosebumps books have been incredibly popular in my classroom this year. One student, in particular, started the year saying “I hate reading”, making every reading assignment a battle for him. After discovering the Goosebumps series through Book Trust, he can’t get enough of them! He has helped me choose books to add to our classroom library and gets so excited when his books arrive each month. I’ve noticed that he has started to branch out to other kinds of books beyond the series that really “turned him on” to reading… Being able to choose books gives students the power to find out more about themselves and what they really like to read. It takes reading beyond a score on a comprehension test and gives it meaning for students. Book Trust has absolutely changed my students’ lives and all of that change starts with the simple act of choosing a book.” – Lindsay Wright, Bloomer Elementary

Book Trust in the News

June 2019 | KYW Newsradio – Elementary program that lets kids choose, own books expands to entire district
May 2018 | Golf Channel – Justin Rose Using Eagles to Buy Book for Eagles for Impact Challenge
May 2018 | Golf Channel – Morgan Stanley launches second year of Eagles for Impact Challenge by hosting Mayport Elementary at THE PLAYERS
May 2018 | Business Wire – Morgan Stanley Returns to THE PLAYERS Championship with Eagles for Impact Challenge
March 2018 | Consumers Advocate – Essential Kids Guide to Denver: Education & Learning
November 2017 | Maui Family Magazine – Book Trust: 1,000,000 Books for Maui’s Keiki – and Counting
May 2017 | Blue Margin – Fort Collins supporter, Blue Margin teams up to visit Irish Elementary with Book Trust
March 2017 | Omaha World Herald – Mockingbird Elementary gets pumped for Feed the Read Celebrations
February 2017 | Bonner County Daily Bee – The Village Green Project partners up with Book Trust
February 2017 | Omaha Channel 6 News – Omaha school system lauds Book Trust
February 2017 | EdSource – Oakland school advocates for Book Trust’s program
January 2017 | Bonner County Daily Bee – Book Trust teams up with the Village Green Project

Press Releases

May 2020- Schatz Family Teacher of the Year Award

October 2019- Book Trust Announces New Board Members

June 2019 – All K-3 students in the School District of Philadelphia to Receive Free Books Every Month
May 2019 – Book Trust Announces 2019 Schatz Teacher of the Year Award
March 2019 – Book Trust Teams Up with Morgan Stanley for Eagles For Impact Challenge for Second Year in a Row
February 2019 – Book Trust Announces New Hawai’i Director
February 2019 – Book Trust’s Vino & Libri Event Welcomes Keynote, Ruby Bridges


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