Literacy Pro-Tips for Parents & Families

February Pro-Tip: Encourage Kindness Through Literacy

Keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day going all month and encourage showing love and kindness. Encourage your child to write Valentine’s Day cards or notes for their friends. Even after the holiday, they can continue sharing the love! Was someone extra nice to them today? How about a thank you note? Or a handmade invitation for a reading playdate to share books from their Book Trust library with siblings or friends? Setting up a mini-book swap will increase their horizons, support them in their conversations about literacy, and show them the benefits of sharing.

Consejo Para Febrero: Fomentar la amabilidad a través de lectura

¡Mantenga el espíritu de San Valentín por todo el mes realizando diversos gestos de amor y amabilidad! Motive a su hijo/a a escribir cartas o tarjetas de San Valentín para sus amigos y seres queridos. Siempre es buen momento para compartir y expresar el amor, aún después del 14 de febrero ¿Fue alguien especialmente amable con ellos hoy día? ¿Qué le parece una tarjeta de agradecimiento? ¿O una invitación a una junta de lectura para compartir libros de Book Trust con amigos y hermanos? Un pequeño intercambio de libros puede aumentar los horizontes de su hijo/a, apoyar sus conversaciones sobre la lectura y demostrarle los beneficios de compartir.


January Pro-Tip: Create a Comfy Reading Spot in Your Home

Create a comfy and special reading nook at home for when your child wants to dive into a good story. This can be as simple as an old armchair loaded with pillows and stuffed animals or a blanket fort equipped with a flashlight. Any corner can be turned into a getaway with the right soft touch. The important thing is to create a peaceful, quiet, and cozy space that encourages your child to get lost in a book. If you can, create a place where there is enough room for you and your child, either side-by-side or with your child on your lap, or where two siblings can sit together. Maybe even set them up with an “only for reading time” tasty treat and soon enough, they’ll be craving the soothing call of their book nook every day.

Consejo Para Enero: Cree un espacio cómodo para leer en su hogar

Cree un ambiente cómodo y especial en su hogar para que su hijo/a pueda sumergirse en una buena lectura. Esto puede ser tan sencillo como un viejo sillón repleto de almohadones y peluches, o un fuerte hecho de mantas y equipado con una linterna. Cualquier rincón se puede transformar en un ensueño con el toque correcto. Lo importante es crear un espacio apacible, silencioso y acogedor para incentivar a qué su hijo/a pueda perderse en la lectura. De ser posible, cree un espacio lo suficientemente grande para que quepan usted y su hijo/a, ya sea sentándolo a su lado o sobre su regazo, o bien un lugar donde dos hermanos puedan estar juntos. También puede preparar algún bocadillo especial para la hora de lectura, para que así quieran pasar tiempo en su rincón de lectura.


December Pro-Tip: Set Up Some Holiday Storage for Your Child

Your child has started a great home library from Book Trust by now. Prepare for more to come and for any holiday gifts by teaming up to create a special place to store them. Whether it’s a special place of respect on a shelf, or simply a portion of the floor by the bed decorated with a favorite coloring page, knowing that this special space is just for your child’s books creates a sense of ownership and pride. Help them value reading by making it special and “theirs alone.” They might be motivated to share in the spirit of the season, and thankful to grow this collection, making them more confident readers. Why not start a new family tradition of a holiday-themed show and tell? Your child can share a favorite book with the whole family! Make their holidays a little brighter by carving out a little extra reading time over the winter break.

Consejo para Diciembre: Establezca un lugar de almacenamiento de vacaciones para su hijo/a

A través de Book Trust su hijo/a habrá comenzado a coleccionar libros en casa. Prepare con su hijo/a un lugar especial para guardar los libros que continuarán recibiendo y para los regalos de Navidad que vengan. Tanto como si es un espacio especial en la estantería, o simplemente un espacio en el suelo junto a la cama decorado con su hoja de color favorita, que su hijo/a sepa que es un lugar especial crea sentimiento de propiedad y orgullo. Ayúdeles a que aprecien la lectura haciéndolo especial y “suyo”. Puede que estén motivados a compartir y agradecidos por aumentar su colección de libros, lo que les hará ser lectores más seguros y confiados.

¿Porque no comenzar una tradición familiar de contar cuentos inspirados en las Fiestas? Su hijo/a puede compartir su libro favorito con toda la familia! Haga de las fiestas la oportunidad perfecta para tener tiempo para disfrutar de la lectura.


November Pro-Tip: Reading Amid the Holiday Hustle & Bustle

With holiday-related chores stacking up, here are a couple of ideas to show your kids that reading is a crucial skill for navigating everyday life. Support them as they help with reading-oriented tasks like reading a recipe aloud, reading street signs as you go from here to there, or even charting a course on a map. Maybe you can ask them to help you tackle your shopping list and challenge them to read price tags and labels at the grocery store.

As your child sees how the skills they are learning in school fit into to their lives outside of the classroom, they are more likely to invest the time and energy necessary into being successful at that subject in school. Give them the extra boost they need to finish the first half of the year strong and see the powerful, positive impacts it has on your child, their success, and your interactions with them. You’ll be grateful you did!


October Pro-Tip: Find Everything You Need at the Library

Libraries are one of the greatest community resources around. Not only do they offer access to nearly limitless information through books, movies, music, audiobooks, maps, and more, but it’s all FREE!

This month, introduce this world to your kids – get them a library card (and you too, if you don’t already have one!). Be prepared to sign up, with ID and some type of address verification in hand (a utility bill will do). Then, take a little time to explore your local library and maybe check out the children’s section. We know that letting kids pick books that look interesting to them increases their chances of wanting to read throughout this school year and sparks their curiosity to learn even more. Stuck on where to start? Bonus Pro-Tip: Chat with a librarian for recommendations.

While you’re there, why not grab yourself something fun to dive into as well! Seeing you take even a few minutes to snuggle up with a good story will encourage your child to do the same. Make time to discuss your books together (maybe on the way to school?) and set a date to head back to the library. Books will go back on time, with a built in “Read By” goal. Happy Exploring!


September Pro-Tip: Create an Evening Routine

Now that the back-to-school shock is over, settle into a successful school year by establishing a solid routine for you and your child. Setting aside time for homework, chores, dinner, and getting ready for bed will keep your family on track and will help establish lifelong healthy habits for your kids. Not able to be there for bedtime? Leave a check list to follow and set them up for success by laying out their pajamas and leaving instructions for dinner.

Amp up your back-to-school routine by carving out some screen-free time each night.  Whether it’s ten minutes before bed to relax in preparation for sleep, or to read just for fun vs. reading for school, a routine around enjoying their Book Trust books will associate reading with pleasure and help develop a love of reading in your child. If you can, join in and make it a family affair! You can take turns reading or have them take charge and read to you, to siblings, or even stuffed animals. #FeedtheRead




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