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The Book Trust Program is a national literacy program and a step-by-step process that ensures students have the opportunity to fall in love with reading. Book Trust Teachers implement the Book Trust Program in their classrooms every month with their students. They prioritize empowering student choice of reading materials, building a strong culture of classroom literacy, and engaging families around reading.

As the program is implemented, teachers watch as even reluctant readers begin to love and find joy in reading. By creating a powerful reading environment, the Book Trust Program helps schools to meet their reading goals and to ensure more students reach their potential.

Book Trust supports teachers by providing training and research behind best practices for developing early literacy. Here you can find resources, lesson plans, and classroom videos for implementing the three components of the Book Trust Program.


Empower Choice

September through May, the Book Trust Program provides students with the opportunity to choose and own their own books. Choice is a critical first step to ensuring that a child has the opportunity to fall in love with reading. Choice is also a tool that empowers students in their reading and learning.

Choice in the classroom

Readers are most engaged and excited about their reading when they are able to choose their own books. Because choice is one of the most powerful methods for enhancing the motivation to read, Book Trust Teachers make class time each month for choice and support students to find books that excite them, interest them, and help them grow as readers.


Book Trust Teachers use the monthly book ordering process to build anticipation and excitement for their students around reading. Students track The Book Box and anxiously await the arrival of their books after the order is placed with Scholastic Reading Club. Click the 'view resources' button below to find lesson plans for tracking orders.

Building Financial Literacy

Students choose $7 worth of books each month from September to May in the Book Trust Program. Book Trust Teachers leverage this teachable moment by helping students to plan and use a monthly book budget, work with factors, navigate forms, and develop other math skills. Check out the budgeting worksheets and lesson plans below to learn more about how the Book Trust Program supports the National Standards for Financial Literacy.


build a classroom culture of literacy

Teachers play a vital role in creating excitement and joy around reading for their students. Book Trust Teachers make class time every month to celebrate the arrival of books and to nurture a culture of reading among their students. Book Trust Teachers prioritize class time for the Book Trust Program because a strong culture of literacy directly impacts their students’ achievement.


When the Book Box arrives every month, Book Trust classrooms transform into a place of celebration around books and reading. Research shows that the act of celebrating books and reading is central to making reading fun and enjoyable for all students. Giving students the chance to celebrate and find fun in reading helps reluctant readers feel more welcome and relaxed at school. For tips about celebrating books in classroom, click the 'view resources' button below.


Book Trust Teachers build a strong classroom culture by encouraging sharing between students and teaching students how to give Book Trust book talks. Sharing books by reading aloud is an important activity for reading success. Sharing books with others fosters healthy reading behaviors and cultivates a culture of reading in the classroom. By encouraging and making time for sharing books, Book Trust Teachers build an environment where reading is valued, celebrated, and ever-present. Read more about the research below.

Non-cognitive skill development

The Book Trust Program is a platform that Book Trust Teachers use to teach and explore important non-cognitive skills. Research shows that ‘soft skills’ such as motivation, goal direction, self-efficacy, patience, and self-regulation are critically important for students to practice at a young age. For Tip Sheets and Lesson Plans on how to use Book Trust to support students in non-cognitive skill development, check out the 'view resources' button below.


The Book Trust Program is unique because it happens every month of the school year. Monthly routine builds the habits and behaviors of good readers. Book Trust Teachers establish routines and use the Book Trust checklist poster to instill reading habits in their students around choice, independent reading, and partner reading. By practicing and implementing these routines around reading, Book Trust Teachers build a classroom culture where the joy of reading and learning is discussed every day.


Engage Families

Helping families create a culture of reading in the home is an investment toward strong reading behaviors in the classroom. The Book Trust Program serves as a bridge between classrooms and families when students take home books every month to build their home library. Book Trust Teachers leverage the Book Trust Program as a platform to discuss reading with families, to provide them with tips for reading with their children, and to strengthen relationships between families and their child’s learning.


Students participating in Book Trust become book owners with a growing home library. By addressing the “book gap” between children of middle-income and low-income families, Book Trust is ensuring that all children have the opportunities that book owners have. Students who are book owners are more likely to read above their expected reading level than students who do not own books. For more about the research that supports book ownership, click the 'view resources' button below.

Home Libraries

As students own and take home books every month in the Book Trust Program, they begin to build home libraries. Book Trust Teachers encourage students to create a special place for their books and ask them to share the place they’ve established as their “home library”. All children, regardless of a family’s economic status, benefit from a strong literacy environment in the home.

Family Reading Time

The Book Trust Program is a tool that Book Trust Teachers use to promote a family reading routine in the home. Book Trust Teachers encourage families to read nightly from the home library built from the Book Trust Program and provide families with tips for reading together with their children. When families make time for reading, students have a stronger relationship with books and do better in school. For tips and resources for parents, click the 'view resources' button below.

Teacher Support

Supporting Book Trust Teachers is the top priority of the Book Trust support team. Book Trust Teachers, please get in touch if you need assistance with ordering or implementing the Book Trust Program.

Give us a call at 720.259.8050 or message us at support@booktrust.org.


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