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Dear Teacher,

You’ll find here everything you need to help your students get the most from the Book Trust program, and focus on our three key priorities: 1. Making sure students choose their own books, 2. Building a culture of reading in the classroom, 3. Encouraging families to read together.

Below you’ll find a fabulous collection of resources – lesson plans, exercises and classroom videos – that will help your students achieve these goals and make fast progress.

Enjoy your experience with Book Trust (thousands of teachers already do!) and thanks so much for your contribution.


All Book Trust students get to choose every book that they buy. That’s the central idea of our program, for a very obvious reason – kids are much more likely to fall in love with books that they actually want to read.

Students choose

Teachers play a crucial role during the book ordering process: Some of your students might need a bit of guidance to ensure they pick something appropriate to their age, interests and reading level. But ultimately, the final choice should be theirs alone.

Anticipation builds

Kids love the Book Box delivery, so use the monthly book ordering process to build anticipation and excitement among them to read. Track the Book Box’s progress together once the order is placed and mark a ‘reading celebration’ day on the calendar. Just watch the excitement levels rise.

Increased engagement

As students settle into a monthly routine of choosing their own books, they become more engaged and motivated to read. That’s why participating students show more enthusiasm for reading on the Motivation to Read Profile Assessment.

Student Video – What is Book Trust?
Student Video – How to choose books!

Classroom Culture of Literacy

Remember: You are the champion for books in your classroom. Take time each month to really celebrate the Book Box arrival and nurture a culture of reading in your class. This will be time well spent, because the new skills your students pick up will directly impact their future achievement.


The Book Box has arrived! Turn your class into a place of celebration around books and reading – with read-alouds, book picnics, reading forts (with flashlights!) and student book clubs. You can even hand out the new books award-style, calling each student up in turn. Celebrating books is central to ensuring your students find reading fun and enjoyable.


When your students share their books with each other and read aloud together, they are cultivating a classroom culture that will help them grow as readers. By encouraging these activities (and modelling the sharing process yourself), you’ll build an environment where reading is both valued and a constant presence.

Independent reading

The Book Trust Program is a platform that Book Trust Teachers use to teach and explore important non-cognitive skills. Research shows that ‘soft skills’ such as motivation, goal direction, self-efficacy, patience, and self-regulation are critically important for students to practice at a young age. For Tip Sheets and Lesson Plans on how to use Book Trust to support students in non-cognitive skill development, check out the 'view resources' button below.

Student Video – What is Book Trust?
Student Video – How to Celebrate

Engage Families

Building a classroom of eager readers over the 40-hour school week is fabulous – but what about the 128 hours each week when children aren’t in school? Book Trust acts as a bridge between classroom and family since students take every book home. By encouraging families to read together at home – for at least 20 minutes a night – you’ll help students become strong readers and better students.


The jewel in the Book Trust crown: Students get to keep every book. They even write their names in each new book (using a special Book Trust ownership stamp) so they know it’s definitely their book to keep. There’s a huge volume of research showing a direct link between the number of books in a home and academic performance.

Home Libraries

As students take home fresh books each month, they will begin to build their own personal library. Encourage students to create a special place at home for their books, and even help them build shoe box library shelves. Many families report that these book collections are used by everyone in the home – and become a true family library.

20 Minutes a Night

Reading for just 20 minutes a night is a game changer for students. Use the new home libraries to encourage families to read together each evening. Many Book Trust students benefit from reading to (or being read to by) their parents, siblings and cousins. Some kids even read to the family pet! Hand out reading logs and other tools to encourage these good reading habits at home.

Student Video – What does it mean to own books?

Teacher Support

Supporting Book Trust Teachers is the top priority of the Book Trust support team. Book Trust Teachers, please get in touch if you need assistance with ordering or implementing the Book Trust Program.

Give us a call at 720.259.8050 or message us at support@booktrust.org.


Book Trust Teachers

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