The seeds for Book Trust were sown over twenty years ago. Our founder, Adrienne Schatz, wondered why children in her elementary school in Fort Collins, Colorado, did not purchase books from Scholastic Book Club catalogs each month.

Adrienne SchatzAdrienne eventually realized that it wasn’t a decision of choice for her peers, but rather, a lack of financial ability. Committed to finding a way for children in her community to have the same opportunity to choose and own books from Scholastic as she had month after month, year after year, Adrienne developed the idea for Book Trust.

Beginning in 2001, Adrienne piloted the Book Trust program with 170 students in Larimer County, Colorado, under the auspices of the Serimus Foundation. Book Trust was spun off as its own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2006.

Book Trust's mission is to uniquely deliver choice and ownership of books to children from low-income families, increasing their literacy skills and fostering life-long learning.

Today, Book Trust is realizing its mission by serving more than 25,000 students in nine states. 

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