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What Book Trust Teachers Say:

Teacher delivering book to boy"It’s like Christmas every month for our students when the Scholastic box arrives!"

"Thank you for all you do to put books in the hands of our children!"

"My students value this program SO very much. Most do not have many books at home and are so very honored to carry their own books home."

"I can't tell you in words how much this means to my classes. There are boys and girls who have almost nothing that they can call their own. These books mean so much. They pore over the book orders, looking for the best deals on books they will love. Some share their books with others. Some even find a way to scrounge up an extra dollar or two so they can get something a little more expensive.  Books are treasures to my students, and your program helps them fill up their treasure chests with good things to read."

"Book Trust has allowed my class and our school to close achievement gaps in reading. The program has also allowed my bilingual students to preserve their first language while developing their English proficiency. Since the introduction of Book Trust to our campus, our student's attitudes towards reading have changed — there has been a cultural change. I realize that this is an ongoing battle and that we are competing against a child's ever decreasing attention span. However, thanks to Book Trust, we are holding our own and fighting the good fight!! Our kids/our scholars are reading!!! Thank you!!!"

"My students would not have had the opportunity to get free books into their hands and homes otherwise. Some of my students have many economic disadvantages but they are all capable of learning and enjoying books. They need programs such as Book Trust to help them succeed."

"By providing books for my students you are helping to develop lifelong lovers of books. Many of my students would never own a book if it weren't for the Book Trust program. The excitement of the book order forms and the arrival of the red and white Scholastic box is unbelievable! I wish you could see the faces of my students and their excitement as they look at their books, open them, read from them, and share them with their friends. Thank you so very much for providing this wonderful experience for my students."

"Books are a high priority in our classroom. We treat them with the same respect as a carpenter might treat his tools. They are ways for students to explore a world that do not get to see much of. Through building reading skills at school and at home our students will be better prepared to enter the world knowing how to find answers and solve the problems they meet."

"Book Trust is so valuable for all my students. It creates a contagious buzz about books and reading in my class and our school. Thank you so much for empowering my students in our mutual quest for literacy with regular book support each month. Your support for students is lifelong."

"Book Trust allows my students' parents to stress the importance of reading for pleasure. By signing up for the program, parents are essentially telling their children that reading is so important that they are going to make sure their kids get books every month. I know that some of my students will use their Book Trust money so that they can buy books that they can share with their siblings who do not have Book Trust. Book Trust has allowed them to create a family that reads together."

"The Book Trust Program is something that my students and I look forward to every month. When we reach the end of the month in calendar time I will often say, 'Alright today is March 31st guys, so that means tomorrow is....(looking for April 1st)' and the kids will say 'Book Trust!' I smile, agree, and then remind them that it also means a new month :)"

"Receiving our books each month is the best day of the month. Students hustle around the classroom to compare the books they have received with their friends; they frantically flip through the books to see what happens and then beg all afternoon for independent reading time. It’s apparent that they love to read their Book Trust books!"



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