TK’s Blog: The Book Trust Promise

At one of my recent school visits earlier this month, one of our students explained what Book Trust meant to her. “Book Trust is a promise each and every month, that is what it means to me,” she said.

Found Books: It’s Opposite Day at Book Trust — Sort Of

You might notice we’re all about choice at Book Trust. It’s true.

Try Three Book Thursdays for a Fun Twist on Family Reading Time

Very special thanks to our guest contributors, Kate and Justin Rose. The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation has been supporting Book Trust and students in need in Orlando, FL for many years.

Eagles for Impact Commercial

  This year at The PLAYERS Championship, Morgan Stanley is partnering with Book Trust once again, a national nonprofit dedicated to removing barriers to literacy by allowing children to choose, …MORE ››

Found Books: New Blog Series by Founder, Adrienne Schatz

Hey, I’m Adrienne! I’m Book Trust’s founder.
This is the start of my new Book Trust blog - Found Books. I’m a bit of a book nut, and each month, I look forward to sharing part of my collection with you as I contrast a vintage children's book with a current one.

TK’s Blog: Candy? No, It’s Books!

As I walked into the classroom, the Principal whispered in my ear, “You’d think we were giving away candy in this room, but no, it's books. It’s fantastic!” That is the level of excitement I heard outside of this third-grade classroom as the Scholastic Book Box arrived earlier this month.

Pro-Tip: Spark An Excitement for Reading Around February Events & Holidays

Diversify Their Reading Material

The winter months can be a hard time for young students. The excitement from the holidays and winter break has passed, days are short, weather often keeps us indoors, and the school year is about halfway through. Because of all these factors, it is not surprising that many studies have found that students' performance often drop during these winter months.

Pro-Tip: Learn a New Language Together in 2019

Nothing will build the bond between you and your little one like learning something new together.

Pro-Tip: Resolve to Read Together

What if we told you there was a New Year’s resolution that was great for your child’s brain, allows you to spend more time with your little one, and is fun?

TK’s Blog: Once Upon a Time…

Isn’t it remarkable how a simple phrase can have such an important meaning? Once upon a time … lets us know that a story is about to begin and we are embarking on a journey of imagination and wonder.


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