The best letter we’ve had this year

Book Trust has had such a big impact on ten-year-old Riley’s life that one day he decided to just write and tell us all about it. These are his words – straight from the heart.

‘Book Trust is soooooo awesome!

Normally, I don’t get money for books at home. But now, every month I receive brand new, shiny, amazing, fantastic, fabulous… (150 words later…). Oh, you get the point! COOL NEW BOOKS!

Not only do you guys send us books; you let us choose them as well, instead of just handing some over and saying: “Hey, here’s a new book that you may or may not want to read.”

Classic kids books E

So far I’ve had the chance to read so many good books, such as Tuck Everlasting and The Rule of Three. I never dreamed that every month I would get to read and keep my own books!

Each month, my brother and I (that’s right, he gets Book Trust at school too) bring home our new books and I always get straight to reading mine, if I haven’t already finished them in class.

Your many catalogs never fail to find me a book that I fall in love with. Fantasy, adventure and action can all be found in those Book Trust catalogs. I’m telling you guys, those things are filled with PURE MAGIC!

Sometimes, I read the books for so long (meaning about four-plus hours) that my mom has to tell me to do something else! However, I always come back and keep reading some more until I finish the last page. And that can take a while, since Book Trust actually has books at my reading level. (It’s about time someone did!)

Boy reading 640px

On the subject of my brother, he was never a big reader…until Book Trust came along. Before you guys, he was wild and crazy and wouldn’t read if his life depended on it.

Now, when our mom says it’s time to read before bed, he actually lays down and quietly (most of the time anyway) starts reading. And guess what? The books he reads at night are usually from Book Trust. You’ve truly made a difference in his life, too.

I used to get pretty bored reading the same books over and over and over, but now Book Trust gives me new books to read all the time. You’ve even given me a few ideas to write about.

Book pile 2

Book Trust has made my life better, my brother’s life better, and hundreds of other students’ lives better. This letter is not to win some gift card or recognition. It’s just about appreciating all you’ve done for us kids.

I hope someday I will be able to see my kids yelling and screaming with joy because they got a new book from you guys.

Thanks for everything, Book Trust.’

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