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TK’s Blog: Candy? No, It’s Books!

As I walked into the classroom, the Principal whispered in my ear, “You’d think we were giving away candy in this room, but no, it's books. It’s fantastic!” That is the level of excitement I heard outside of this third-grade classroom as the Scholastic Book Box arrived earlier this month.

TK’s Blog: Halloween Book Fairies

If you are still struggling to think of a costume for Halloween, what about dressing up as a Book Fairy this year?

I had the great honor of seeing one of our amazing Book Trust teachers in action last week in New York City.

The Book Trust Key Three Key 2: Celebration

Celebrate Good Times, Come On

We all know that refrain. We immediately hear Kool & the Gang singing in our heads. It probably brings a smile to our faces. Maybe the last time you heard it you were celebrating someone you care about at a wedding.

Field Notes: Occasional Musings from Team Book Trust

Hey folks, I’m Alex Buis, and I've recently joined the Book Trust team as Marketing and Social Media Intern. When I signed on a few weeks back, I naturally presumed that I’d spend my time fulfilling the job description - marketing till the cows come home.


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