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Try Three Book Thursdays for a Fun Twist on Family Reading Time

Very special thanks to our guest contributors, Kate and Justin Rose. The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation has been supporting Book Trust and students in need in Orlando, FL for many years.

Pro-Tip: Spark An Excitement for Reading Around February Events & Holidays

Diversify Their Reading Material

The winter months can be a hard time for young students. The excitement from the holidays and winter break has passed, days are short, weather often keeps us indoors, and the school year is about halfway through. Because of all these factors, it is not surprising that many studies have found that students' performance often drop during these winter months.

Pro-Tip: Learn a New Language Together in 2019

Nothing will build the bond between you and your little one like learning something new together.

Pro-Tip: Resolve to Read Together

What if we told you there was a New Year’s resolution that was great for your child’s brain, allows you to spend more time with your little one, and is fun?

Pro-Tip: Keep Those Minds Turning Over the Holidays

Winter break can be a tricky time to keep your kids interested in books and learning. We have compiled a few more creative ways to keep your kids' learning alive over the holiday.

Understanding Disabilities for Literacy Success

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month and while not everyone may identify as having a disability, the more people learn about disabilities the more understanding communities become for those who do.

Pro-Tip: Use Old Favorites to Uncover New Stories & Memories

Did you have a favorite book as a child? One that you remember reading over and over again? This may be the perfect story to revisit with your little one! Seeing you passionate about sharing a story or a favorite character is sure to pique the interest of your children.

Pro-Tip: Comic Books (& Graphic Novels) to the Rescue!

September celebrates a nontraditional (and often forgotten) reading source: comic books! With the resurgence of superheroes in movies and on TV, it may be inevitable that your little one takes an interest in the characters that live within these speech bubble-riddled panels.

Pro-Tip: Spice up Story Time with a New Character…You!

September 19th is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' which got us thinking... What better way to bring new life to story time than by adding in some new voices to your story-time narration?

Pro-Tip: Unlock Their Dreams Through Reading

What does your child want to be when they grow up?


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