Which Children’s Book Character Are You?

Kid’s books are bursting at the seams with memorable characters who have BIG personalities. But which of the following do you most resemble?

1. Hagrid (Harry Potter)


People are very fond of you. You’re big-hearted, kind (though with a bit of a temper) and loyal to the core. But no-one would argue that you’re the sharpest blade in the drawer.

Personality type: Bluff, clumsy but kind.
Most likely to: Arrange a lovely surprise for someone, then spoil it by blabbing off your big mouth.

2. Agatha Trunchbull (Matilda)

Agatha trunchbull

Basically, you hate children. Handily, as a former Olympiad, you’re also strong enough to literally hurl them vast distances.  You may have a weakness for chocolate and an aversion to black cats.

Personality type: Nasty, evil incarnate.
Most likely to: Throw a child through a window. Not necessarily an open one.

3. Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Frankly, you’re a bit of an enigma – what one critic called “a frightening combination of warmth, psychosis and sadism”. But while you’re very stern with naughty children (just ask poor Augustus Gloop or Veruca Salt), honest kids think you’re brilliant.

Personality type: Odd, impulsive, very changeable.
Most likely to: 1. Be hugely generous. 2. Turn someone into a giant blueberry. (It all depends on the child.)

4. Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web)

Charlotte Spider

You are kind-hearted and always ready to assist others, whether it’s a friend who’s feeling a bit down or a farmyard pig facing imminent slaughter with a knife. A clever and inventive lady, you’re skilled at spinning imaginative solutions that help save the day.

Personality type: Lovely, wise, kind.
Most likely to: Prevent someone being garroted and turned into a Sunday roast.

5. Scout Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)

Scout Finch

You are strong, opinionated and bright beyond your young years. But more than that, you aren’t afraid to tackle the prejudices of others. You speak up for women, ethnic minorities or anyone viewed as ‘different’. Basically, you are a fearless equality campaigner in overalls.

Personality type: Strong, curious, brave.
Most likely to: Accost someone who’s spouting racist nonsense.

6. Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants

Let’s not mince words: You are a superhero type, dedicated to beating baddies. A keen advocate of ‘dressing for comfort’, you prefer to wear only underwear and possibly a cape. You are surprisingly unself-conscious – but that’s largely because you are under a hypnotic spell.

Personality type: Fearless, confident, hypnotized.
Most likely to: Sling some underwear at evil Dr. Diaper in an attempt to save the Earth.

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