Five funny books that make kids laugh

A giggling reader is much more likely to turn to the next page, and side-splitting stories are great for getting young readers into the book habit. Here are some of the very best.

1. Captain Underpants

captain underpants
The top funny series on Scholastic Books’ list, and no wonder.

The basic plot is bonkers: Two mischievous students hypnotize a grumpy school principal and turn him into Captain Underpants, their own superhero creation. But who cares when it’s such fun? Witty, naughty and endlessly inventive, this lovable series has turned thousands of reluctant readers into bookworms.

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary wimpy kid
It’s not always easy being a kid.

This smash hit series explores the growing pains of Greg, an undersized weakling, as he tries to weave his way through the perils of middle school. Written in the form of a diary, with sketches and doodles on every page, it’s bittersweet and often laugh-out-loud funny. After all, 20 million young readers can’t all be wrong…

3. Fly Guy

‘Some kids have dogs and some kids have cats, but Buzz has a pet fly!’

In this hilarious series of crazy tales, the character with the biggest eyes in children’s literature gets into all kinds of unlikely scrapes and adventures. It’s deservedly popular with schoolkids, who respond to the simple text and comic-style illustrations.

4. Duck on a Bike

Duck on bike
One day down on the farm, Duck got a wild idea: “I bet I could ride a bike.”

Before you can say ‘That’s quackers’, Duck and all his friends – cow, pig, horse and the rest – are racing around the farm on two wheels, in this gloriously silly classic. It’s very funny, perfect for reading aloud, and the illustrations are fabulous.

5. Harry Potter series

Harry Potter
We’re guessing you’ve already heard of this one.

The best-selling series about a young wizard and his adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is best known as an adventure and fantasy tale. But as any young reader will tell you, there are also an awful lot of belly-laughs lurking between the pages.

What do you think of our choices: have we missed out any obvious rib-ticklers? Comment and let us know!

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