‘The kids can’t believe they’ll get free books’

For some kids, even the idea of Book Trust – free books, every month! – sounds literally too good to be true. Grace, an elementary school teacher, wrote to tell us how things were going in her classroom.

I am a teacher at a school where, for most students, having books to read at home is the very least of their problems.

Their families cannot afford to buy them basic reading materials, let alone new and engaging books.

But now Book Trust has given my students something they otherwise never would have had – their own personal library. It has been a complete life-saver in our classroom.

Tough life

Unfortunately, I do not have all the resources I’d wish to give my students, including a large and diverse library.

My kids arrive at school wearing the same clothes days in a row, shoes that are pre-owned and other hand-me-down items.

So watching them get brand new books each month, all for themselves, reminds me of why I am a teacher.

Beyond belief

Their eyes light up the minute the Book Trust box arrives. They beg me to open it and pass the books out.

One of my students initially brought his books back to me – he literally couldn’t believe he’d get to keep them all.

When I explained they were his books, he said: “What, like keep them forever?’

I assured him that the books were now totally his, and that he’d get to do this every month, and he was just shocked.

Keen students

Put simply: This was a boy simply not used to people giving him things for free.

Now his book order is the first one to be returned every month.

As soon as we get our monthly book delivery, he wants to know when the next order will come in. He even said: “I wish we could do this in the summer too!”

And actually, now we can.

Summer reading

That’s because the Book Trust program also provides a handy little extra treat.

Each month when teachers place their classroom’s orders, Scholastic gives bonus points that enables them to buy more books.

And over the course of the school year, I built up enough points to buy three books for each and every student this summer.

So happy!

You won’t believe how excited I was to give them their books on the last day of school.

They all went home so happy, with fresh books in their bags to read over the summer and add to their growing home library.

Reading is truly magical, and I am so happy that Book Trust gives my students the gift of brand new book – that they get to choose! – all through the school year.

It has made all the difference in the world to them. Thanks you so much for all you do.

Grace, Book Trust teacher

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