Field Notes: Occasional Musings from Team Book Trust

Hey folks, I’m Alex Buis, and I've recently joined the Book Trust team as Marketing and Social Media Intern. When I signed on a few weeks back, I naturally presumed that I’d spend my time fulfilling the job description - marketing till the cows come home.

However, in my first three days, I found myself at McGlone Elementary in Denver, negotiating the best new spy books with a bunch of eager kids who read in Spanish readers Scholastic Reading Club’s ‘Club Leo’ catalog. The group strategized which books they might enjoy collectively as well as their respective personal favorites and then they agreed to rotate their selections at the next Reading Celebration.  ¡Niños inteligentes!

Book Trust helped to cultivate a sense of individual reading palates while still leaving room for teamwork and collaboration when many of the students elected to form miniature book clubs with their friends.

 As I surfed around the classroom I couldn’t resist hinting at my own recommendations (this month’s catalog offered Bunnicula, a childhood obsession of mine), it quickly became clear to me that Book Trust is a source of inspiration and genuine excitement for these kids. Eyes alight and pencils poised, these 5th grade readers meticulously inspected every option, preferring titles with detailed descriptions to short taglines and thanking us repeatedly for bringing so many books into their lives this year.
Signing on only a few days prior to my school visit, I now realize that Book Trust strives to incorporate every team member into the tangible mission of helping kids discover their joy of reading while increasing their literacy skills. After my first few weeks with the organization, I can honestly say that this is not only far superior to delivering coffee to fifty employees or tending the printer all day, but it is also giving me a new perspective on how we can truly ameliorate literacy rates through comprehensive programs and celebration.

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