Pro-Tip: Comic Books (& Graphic Novels) to the Rescue!

September celebrates a nontraditional (and often forgotten) reading source: comic books! With the resurgence of superheroes in movies and on TV, it may be inevitable that your little one takes an interest in the characters that live within these speech bubble-riddled panels.

Pro-Tip: Spice up Story Time with a New Character…You!

September 19th is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' which got us thinking... What better way to bring new life to story time than by adding in some new voices to your story-time narration?

Pro-Tip: Unlock Their Dreams Through Reading

What does your child want to be when they grow up?

Pro-Tip: How To Celebrate International Literacy Day

Saturday, September 8th, is International Literacy Day. Celebrate with fellow book lovers around the world by enjoying a good book or reading activity together as a family!

TK’s Blog: Beginning with Book Trust

"I am so happy and grateful to have joined the mission of Book Trust and this extraordinary community of volunteers, teachers, parents, principals, education leaders, philanthropic trailblazers, and each of you who believes in the importance of providing every child the opportunity to experience the joy of reading and becoming a life-long learner."  

Pro-Tip: 5 Ways to Practice Reading & Writing in Everything You Do

Because September is National Literacy Month, it is the perfect time to practice reading and writing in everything you do!

Pro-Tip: Let grandparents in on the reading fun!

#NationalSeniorCItizenDay is the perfect time to read with a loved one.

Pro-Tip: Best Practices for Daily Storytime this School Year

Your nightly reading routine doesn’t have to be a drag for you or your kiddos this school year. In fact, it can be the best part of your day! To keep your kids interested and engaged while you're reading, practice these quick tips during storytime:

Pro-Tip: Getting Your Kids Back-To-School Ready

From Pool Time to School Time: How To Make the Switch from Summer to School as Painless as Possible
With school right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about trading in your pool floaties for pencils and the ice cream for apples.

When Alignment Happens: Bringing Book Trust to Philadelphia & Beyond

In the fall of 2017, Book Trust set audacious goals for the upcoming school year – bringing our program to new communities, delving deeper into how and why our program works, and securing significant financial commitments to support this work in the current year and into the future.


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