Pro-Tip: Light Up Your 4th of July with These Literacy Activities

Summer's in full swing and July is right around the corner! Leverage everyone's excitement around the upcoming holiday to sneak in some patriotic-themed educational activities throughout the next week. 

Pro-Tip: Find a Summer Pen Pal to Avoid the Summer Slide

Texting is cool and all, but the excitement around finding an old-school, snail mail letter in the mailbox can’t be beat! Inspire your little writer to send letters to a cousin who lives across the country, craft a card for a neighbor, or color a picture for a best friend from school.

Bringing the Magic: Planning My First Vino & Libri

This month we’re featuring a special guest blog post from Book Trust’s Development Coordinator, Lily Melblom-Prosser.

It’s hard to believe that four short months ago, Book Trust was not a huge part of my life.

Pro-Tip: Simple Ways to Make Summer Learning a Success

Avoid the summer slide with simple pro-tips all summer long.

Pro-Tip: Avoid the Summer Slide by Preparing for At-Home Learning Now

Whether your kids just finished their school year or it will be wrapping up in the next few weeks, now is the time to prepare for summer learning. In addition to going over your child's strengths and weaknesses with teachers as we discussed last week, there are many other ways to prep for a successful summer of at-home education!

Pro-Tip: Connect with Teachers Before the End of the School Year

Schools and teachers generally make a connection with parents at the beginning of the school year with back-to-school nights, conferences, and backpacks full of handouts.

Pro-Tip: Nonfiction Books to Broaden Kids’ Interests this Summer

It's that time of year when most kids (along with teachers and parents!) are ready for summer, and daily reading or at-home learning can feel a bit repetitive.

Pro-Tip: Take Your Child’s Reading Practice Outside

There’s no reason that learning to read needs to be limited to an indoor space. In fact, there are lots of ways to instill a love of reading and writing by spending time outside, some of which could even burn off a little pent-up energy during or after school.

A Quest to Open Minds

As human beings, we are constantly looking for ways to improve. It is in our nature to want to be a little better tomorrow than we are today. Whether it is becoming more efficient with our energy use, extending our life expectancy, or increasing literacy rates, we are all working to raise the bar.

Our New Sustainability Strategy is a Great Match

The new year is a great time to reflect on beginnings, and how they can bring about change. As a mission-focused team, we’re always looking down the road to imagine how we’ll get from where we are today (53,000 students in 173 schools, in 21 states), to where we ultimately want to go – providing a truly significant percentage of America’s children who live in poverty a transformational opportunity to fall in love with reading and learning, and achieve their full potential.


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