10 Book Characters (Surprisingly) Based on Real People

Peek beneath the imaginations of the greatest writers and you’ll find…the real people they based their characters on.

Whatever Happened to Kindergarten?

It’s official: Kindergarten is the new first grade. And for any number of reasons, that’s just a bad idea.

Nine Fabulous Opening Lines in Kid’s Books

…because no child is even going to reach the second line if the first one doesn’t reel them in. Here are some of the very best.

‘The kids can’t believe they’ll get free books’

For some kids, even the idea of Book Trust – free books, every month! – sounds literally too good to be true. Grace, an elementary school teacher, wrote to tell us …MORE ››

Speak Full Sentences Good

Many young children struggle with speaking full sentences, and this is a big problem – because the importance of spoken vocabulary in a child’s education cannot be overstated.

Five Memorable Animals in Children’s Books

They’re not the stars of their books, true. But they’re all unforgettable…

The Books That Answered a Little Girl’s Prayers

Before Book Trust came to her school, Wisconsin teacher Debra H. Bell bought books for less well-off kids from her own pocket. And a recent touching message from an ex-student …MORE ››

The best letter we’ve had this year

Book Trust has had such a big impact on ten-year-old Riley’s life that one day he decided to just write and tell us all about it. These are his words …MORE ››

How we all pay for failing schools

The literacy crisis engulfing American schools in low-income areas can appear to be an isolated problem – something bad that happens to other people. But its effects are far-reaching and …MORE ››

Five funny books that make kids laugh

A giggling reader is much more likely to turn to the next page, and side-splitting stories are great for getting young readers into the book habit. Here are some of the …MORE ››


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