Pro-Tip: 5 Ways to Practice Reading & Writing in Everything You Do

Because September is National Literacy Month, it is the perfect time to practice reading and writing in everything you do!

Somehow summer has come and gone, and September (also know as National Literacy Month!) is just around the corner. As you’re getting back into your school-year routines, encourage kids to practice their reading skills daily in some subtle and fun ways. This regular usage will not only help connect what your little one is learning in school to their home life, but will also allow them to realize that literacy skills are needed everywhere!

A few quick ideas to tie in some reading practice are below:

Driving to soccer practice after school? Ask for help reading the street signs you pass, or better yet, hand them a physical map and have them try to follow along and navigate.

Heading to the grocery store? Encourage your little one to read the labels and prices to find your brands and stay in budget.

Out to eat for dinner? Have your younger children try to read parts of the menu and pick out foods that fit in certain categories or have specific ingredients in them.

As your child is meeting new friends and classmates at school, have them practice their writing skills by creating cards and crafting play date invitations!

Have extra coloring books around the house? Rip out a few pages for your little one, put them all together, and have your little one invent (and write down) a story that goes with their colored pictures. They’ll create their own one-of-a-kind story and they can mix up the pictures for a silly rendition of their unique tale! Want to participate a little more yourself? Write a story based on your own pictures and encourage your child to read your version, too!

Reading is everywhere. Opening your child’s eyes to the importance of reading and learning at a young age will make them more likely to invest time and energy toward being successful in school. You might even share some fun moments together as a family along the way!

Happy Reading!


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