Pro-Tip: Avoid the Summer Slide by Preparing for At-Home Learning Now

Whether your kids just finished their school year or it will be wrapping up in the next few weeks, now is the time to prepare for summer learning. In addition to going over your child's strengths and weaknesses with teachers as we discussed last week, there are many other ways to prep for a successful summer of at-home education!

Set Goals
Set goals for yourself and with your kids for summer reading. Do you want to shoot for one book a week or an hour of reading a day? Are there certain areas your kids need to improve in? Incorporate these things into realistic goals, make sure to track results somewhere very visible, and set up some sort of small reward system. But follow expert advice and make those rewards related to reading, like “meet your nightly goal for a week and earn an extra 30 minutes of reading past bedtime,” or a special trip to the bookstore or library.

Subscribe To Magazines
Interest-based magazine subscriptions are a great way to introduce new content into your kids’ reading list. Also, the shorter stories and articles can be great for car rides, waiting rooms, or a quick picnic at the park. Depending on your child’s interests, try one of the following: Sports Illustrated Kids, National Geographic Kids (or Little Kids), Highlights, Disney Junior, American Girl, Boys Life, or Ranger Rick.

Make a Summer Scrapbook
Encourage your child to keep a simple summer journal, diary, or scrapbook. Buy the book and any additional craft supplies ahead of time, and help them track interesting things that occur over the summer. It could include short stories and small souvenirs from any trip or special adventure, or be as quick as things you saw at the beach today, the number of mosquito bites on a leg, or the different types of food that can go on the grill. Each entry is a chance to practice writing skills and be creative!


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