Pro-Tip: Best Practices for Daily Storytime this School Year

Your nightly reading routine doesn’t have to be a drag for you or your kiddos this school year. In fact, it can be the best part of your day! To keep your kids interested and engaged while you're reading, practice these quick tips during storytime:

1. Tell them a story, don’t just read! When you are reading a story to your child, keep them engaged by asking open-ended questions throughout the book, while also using different voices or accents for different characters.

2. Let your little one pick the book. Let your child make the executive decision of what you’ll be reading every night. Giving them the authority to choose what you read will help them stay engaged and interested in the text.

3. Harness book recommendations from their peers. Sometimes you might not know what your child wants to read. Try asking what their friends or classmates are reading and get recommendations for what’s popular!

4. Make storytime a daily routine. Stress reading as a part of your everyday life during this school year, even for just 20 minutes. This will help your kids get used to reading consistently and frequently, and also associate reading with regular family time.

Happy Reading!


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