Pro-Tip: Connect with Teachers Before the End of the School Year

Schools and teachers generally make a connection with parents at the beginning of the school year with back-to-school nights, conferences, and backpacks full of handouts.

However, there is often a lack of communication at the end of the year with teachers who have a unique understanding of a student’s academic and personal strengths, weaknesses, and their interests. Take the time to stop in to the classroom or send a quick email to your student’s teacher during this time. A quick check-in will help parents get support, suggest appropriate class levels for next year, work on areas of weakness over the summer, and encourage future exploration where a student has an strong interest, as teachers often pick up on different learning behaviors in a classroom than a parent would at home.

But remember, keep it brief! Teachers are extremely busy in these last weeks before school lets out. If time is limited, ask your child’s teacher for just three key pieces of information that would benefit a future teacher or their student’s summer learning.


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