Pro-Tip: Spark An Excitement for Reading Around February Events & Holidays

Diversify Their Reading Material

The winter months can be a hard time for young students. The excitement from the holidays and winter break has passed, days are short, weather often keeps us indoors, and the school year is about halfway through. Because of all these factors, it is not surprising that many studies have found that students' performance often drop during these winter months.

But don’t worry — we’re here to help with a few ways to reinvigorate your little one’s excitement around reading by focusing on upcoming events.

Black History Month
February is Black History Month, a time when communities and schools give special attention to learning about the contributions and history of African Americans. Here are a few great resources and activities you can share with your kiddos in February, and throughout the entire year:

– Black History Month reading list (sorted by age)
– Encourage your kids to draw pictures of their favorite influential African Americans throughout history and put them together into a book or ‘quilt’ to hang on the wall
– Visit a museum or make your own tour of important landmarks and memorials in your city

Chinese New Year
The Lunar New Year is February 5th, so why not celebrate the Year of the Pig with a few picture books and learning activities?

– Lunar New Year reading list
12 Chinese New Year crafts for kids
– Learn some Chinese traditions, taboos and celebrations together here

Valentine’s Day
This year, take advantage of this festive holiday to sneak some reading into your classroom or household.

– Valentine’s Day picture books and funny stories reading lists
– Bake some heart-shaped treats together and have your kids read the recipe with you, measure out ingredients, and decorate
– Encourage your kiddos to make a few Valentine’s Day cards or write letters to relatives

President’s Day
This holiday was originally created to honor two of our greatest Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and is now used to celebrate all our United States presidents throughout history. Help your kiddos learn about the holiday beforehand with these activities:

– President’s Day reading list
– Do some research around one of Washington or Lincoln’s famous speeches and act it out
– Have older kids? Help them write a letter to the President, Vice President, or First Lady. This is a great way to help them practice their writing skills, structure their thoughts, and share their opinions and hopes for the future


Happy Reading in February!


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