Pro-Tip: Let grandparents in on the reading fun!

#NationalSeniorCItizenDay is the perfect time to read with a loved one.

If your child is fortunate enough to have a grandparent around (or someone unrelated who plays a similar role), why not loop them into story time to add a new layer of fun and strengthen their relationship? Grandparents have plenty of skills and experience that will make reading enjoyable for your little one. They’re patient, kind, nurturing, and are usually willing to let loose and get goofy to make your child smile.

In honor of National Senior Citizens Day today on August 21st, encourage your kiddo to reconnect with a grandparent (or great uncle or neighbor) by setting up a literacy-inspired play date using these tips.

  1. Designate some books grandparent-only selections.
    Leave some books with grandma or grandpa that your child doesn’t have at home. Going to visit them knowing that book is there waiting for them adds an extra level of excitement to the visit!
  2. Let grandparents read the newest book.
    Find a new book to share with your little one? Give their grandparent the honor of introducing it to them!
  3. Try to find books that will teach your little one something new about their grandparent.
    Was grandpa a teacher? Does grandma love to cook? Maybe they used to be farmers or work in a specific industry? Find books that will help your little one learn something new that aligns with their grandparents’ pasts and passions. Creating this bond will ensure your child sees them in a new light and maybe they’ll learn a new skill!
  4. Start a family tree.
    Encourage your kids to ask about their grandparent’s childhood and family. Then, have them create a family tree together with fun family facts that can continue to grow as your child gets older.
  5. Grandparent a little far away?
    Get your little one set up as a pen pal!
    Not only does everyone love receiving mail, but reading and writing letters will help them practice their skills. Who knows? Maybe your child and their grandparent can even form a cross-country book club!

Want some book suggestions to get you started? 
Check out the list below for some ideas of great books to read with grandparents!


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