Pro-Tip: How To Celebrate International Literacy Day

Saturday, September 8th, is International Literacy Day. Celebrate with fellow book lovers around the world by enjoying a good book or reading activity together as a family!

Here are a few festive ways to encourage your family and friends to read together this weekend:

1.  Send kids on a treasure hunt, the treasure being a book. Leave clues that they need to read to lead them around the house or the neighborhood to discover ‘the treasure’ in an unexpected place. (If you’re really into it, the clues can even be related to the story.) The magic of discovering a book at the end of the hunt will show your kids how valuable they can be!

2.  Enjoy the warm weather before fall comes by playing with some water balloons and practicing reading at the same time. Grab some sidewalk chalk and water balloons from your local dollar store, and write sight words out in big letters on a sidewalk or driveway. Call out a word and let your little readers find it and launch their water balloon at it, erasing the word.

3.  Plan an afternoon family picnic to the park, mountains, or the beach, spread out the blanket, and read together as a family. Everyone can silently read their own books or have a group read-aloud — whatever your kids prefer! And don’t forget to discuss your books afterward with a few quick questions like, “What was your favorite part and why?” or “Tell me about your favorite character in the story.”

4.  Gather a few neighbors or your kids’ close friends to be part of an exclusive club…a book club! Organize a meet up on Saturday, and have the kids take turns reading and/or acting out a favorite story. You could even encourage a group outing to your local library to pick out the titles beforehand.


No matter what you choose, it will allow your family to spend some quality time together and show your children that you value reading as well!

Happy Reading!


Book Trust