Pro-Tip: Learn a New Language Together in 2019

Nothing will build the bond between you and your little one like learning something new together.

We can all recall where and when we learned something new end exciting with a loved one — Grandma educating her grandchildren about bees in the garden or dad giving a brief cultural lesson in the kitchen during dinner prep. Whatever the occasion, these memories stay with us for years to come.

To ensure your home continues to be an education mecca this year, try to introduce new information as often as possible. It’s with this spirit that we challenge you to start to learn a new language! It may seem daunting but starting with a small chunk, like learning how to count to ten, will make it seem much more manageable. Sitting down and tackling some unfamiliar twists of the tongue together is a sure way to bond and will broaden your child’s horizons. It never hurts to capitalize on your child’s increased capacity to learn a language while they’re young, too!

Stuck on where to start? Ask your little one!
Is there a language they’ve heard someone speaking at school they’d like to learn? Or a part of the world they’ve learned about in social studies that they’re interested in? How about digging up some family history and learning a bit of the language that’s tied into your genealogy?

Head over to the library and check out a few bilingual picture books, or go online to find some beginner lessons to get started. Lots of these storybooks even come with audio books — this is our favorite way to learn a language!

Happy Reading (in a new language)!


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