Pro-Tip: Keep Those Minds Turning Over the Holidays

Winter break can be a tricky time to keep your kids interested in books and learning. We have compiled a few more creative ways to keep your kids' learning alive over the holiday.

Reading Books & Beyond.

Books are by far our favorite, but kids can read all sorts of things. If your child gets a new toy or game over winter break, there are plenty of words to read in a manual or game instructions. Give them a highlighter to identify key information and have them explain it to you afterwards.

Sing along.

Print or write the lyrics to some holiday jingles or carols to teach your kids your favorite tunes. They’ll practice their reading skills while singing along!

Cook up some words.

Many families bake more during this time of year. Recipes are full of sequential texts that provide a real-life purpose for kids. Help your child read a recipe and follow the steps with you as you cook. Then, chow down!

Play a Game Together.

Strike up a Minute To Win It game with your family using common objects throughout the house. Let your kids write out the rules to practice their spelling, or you can print the rules and have the kids read them aloud to the group. Check out these quick video tutorials for 17 fun game ideas.

Want a less active game? Entertain your kids with a few rounds of holiday bingo. Get your free printable here.

Get Crafty.

There’s still time to make ornaments for your tree or as gifts, so don’t forget about these easy salt dough creations! Let your kiddos’ imaginations run wild as they create custom handprint or shaped ornaments. Click here to get the recipe (just salt, flour & water) and design ideas.

Already checked ornaments off your list? Why not build your own winter wonderland with this quick snow globe activity. All you need is a jar, glue gun, and some plastic figures or small old toys.

Create a New Literary Tradition.

Starting a special winter break story time can be a new tradition that links reading with happy memories over the holidays. Hot cocoa and your favorite stories will have the whole family feeling comfy, cozy, and connected.

If the holidays are a little too chaotic for regular quiet reading time, encourage your child to show off everything they’ve learned this year through read-alouds with grandparents, cousins, or even pets. Most kids will love the attention!


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