Pro-Tip: Use Old Favorites to Uncover New Stories & Memories

Did you have a favorite book as a child? One that you remember reading over and over again? This may be the perfect story to revisit with your little one! Seeing you passionate about sharing a story or a favorite character is sure to pique the interest of your children.

Don’t own any of your old favorite story books? No problem! Bring your little one on a makeshift treasure hunt through a used bookstore or your local library to try to find your favorite classic.

When you’re done with the story, share a memory that you have with this story or a lesson you learned from the book. What did your child get out of the story? You can celebrate your similarities and revel in your nuances too! Seeing how two people can get various experiences from the same story will encourage your child to experience and respect different perspectives.

Connect through an old favorite and see what you can uncover together!


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