Pro-Tip: Resolve to Read Together

What if we told you there was a New Year’s resolution that was great for your child’s brain, allows you to spend more time with your little one, and is fun?

This year, encourage your child to complete a reading challenge as their 2019 resolution! Below is a checklist of resolutions to help make reading a healthy habit for your family in 2019 to give you some creative ideas, or create your own list based on your child’s interests.

Reading Challenge Checklist
1. Read a new book from your favorite author.
2. Read one new book every week (try taking regular trips to the library).
3. Create your own book club with neighbors or friends.
4. Read one book that’s related to your favorite subject in school.
5. Read an autobiography or a biography.
6. Read a book that takes place in another world.
7. Read a book that your best friend recommends.
8. Read a recipe to your parents.
9. Read a comic book or graphic novel.
10. Read a full book series.
11. Read a book your teacher recommends.
12. Read your mom, dad, or grandma’s favorite children’s book.
13. Read a book that is also a movie you like.
14. Read a book about a historical event.
15. Read a magazine article.
16. Read a play and act out your favorite scene with your friends or family.
17. Read a book that was published the year you were born.
18. Reread your favorite book of all time. Then share this book with your friends and tell them why it’s your favorite!

Happy Reading!


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