Pro-Tip: Summer learning is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

This summer have your kiddos grab their chalk and head outside to the sidewalk! Transform a classic summer pastime into a fun learning experience for you and your kids with these three literacy-inspired sidewalk games.

1. Hopscotch Word Ladder

The main purpose of this game is to help your little reader practice writing and sounding out words. Draw a ladder with 4-6 empty squares on the pavement. In the first square write a simple word like cat, dig, sit, fog, or pot.

Then have your kiddo jot down another word in each following square that fits within the same word family. If they ask for help, have them eliminate the first letter in the initial word and trade it with a new beginning sound. For example, the first square may say cat and the following squares could include words like hat, pat, mat, etc.


2. Name a Word
For this game you will need to randomly write letters of the alphabet on a small section of the pavement while your little one finds a short stick or small rock nearby.

Have your child throw the stick at the letters and when it lands, ask them what letter the stick is closest to. After they identify the letter, have them think of what words might start with that letter. For example, if the stick lands on or near the letter d, your child might say dog, dare, dad, or dice.

3. Letter Matching
This game is a very simple matching game with lowercase and uppercase letters, and your little ones will going to love every second of it! Split the sidewalk into two columns — one side for uppercase letters and one for lowercase letters. Write the letters in random order and ask your child to connect the matching letters to one another with their chalk.

These three simple sidewalk games won’t only be a fun outdoor activity for your family, but will also help your child develop their literacy skills and avoid the summer slide!

Want Do you have any favorite sidewalk chalk games that keep your kids learning all summer long? We’d love to hear from you — just share on social media!


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