Pro Tip: Game Your Way Through Summer

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This summer, get the family together or call over your kids' friends and start a game night (or day) together. Board games are a great way to challenge your youngsters' minds and practice a little math or reading. Plus, who doesn't love a little friendly competition!

Playing an old family favorite?
Mix it up by allowing your kids to add in a new, fun rule or two.

Bored with your current options?
Encourage the kiddos to imagine their own board game. Let them choose something they love (dogs, cooking, Disney, soccer), and challenge them to design a board game around their passion. From creating the game board and researching their topic to figuring out the rules and writing simple directions for others to follow, this activity will really get their brains turning.

Up for more of a challenge?
For more advanced children, teach them (or learn together) how to play chess! Not only will it be a great family activity for years to come, but it also teaches kids to think critically early on.


Do you have any favorite games that keep kids learning all summer long? We’d love to hear from you — just share on social media!


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