Pro-Tip: Teaching Through Movies

As you probably know by now, Book Trust does not normally encourage screen time, but rather gives solutions to educate and entertain away from video games and television. Just this one time, we are going to suggest utilizing some screen time to share new lessons with your children (since we all know a little movie watching is inevitable over summer break). 

After watching a movie together, go beyond the usual “Did you like the movie?” and talk about the movie’s themes, such as respect, friendship, or kindness. Ask your kids why they think the characters acted a certain way or what the characters could have done differently for a better outcome. Challenge them to get creative and come up with an alternate ending.

Did they really connect with the movie or a particular character? Do an online search and take a trip to your local library to find some book titles about the movie itself or similar subjects. Movies are a great way to spark an interest in a new genre for summer reading!




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