Pro-Tip: Take Your Child’s Reading Practice Outside

There’s no reason that learning to read needs to be limited to an indoor space. In fact, there are lots of ways to instill a love of reading and writing by spending time outside, some of which could even burn off a little pent-up energy during or after school.

ABC Scavenger Hunt
Go on a scavenger hunt for alphabet letters. Search your neighborhood or a local park for things that begin with each letter of the alphabet. A-alley, B-bark on a tree, C-clouds, D-dog, etc.

ABC Photo Hunt
Take your ABC scavenger hunt one step further and hunt for actual letters in nature. Take pictures, print them, and then create word art such as your child’s first or last name, or an inspirational word.

Act Out a Favorite Story 
Do your kids have those books that they’ve read so many times that they’re practically memorized? Take these books outside, gather a few classmates, friends, or siblings and have them act out the story. The more adventure or action the story contains, the better!

Chalk Your Words
Practicing the alphabet or studying spelling words? Gather some chalk, head outside, and cover those sidewalks and driveways.

Read & Write Outside
On a warm spring day, why not find a comfy spot outside and enjoy your kids’ favorite book! You could also take a walk to a local library and find a park or secluded bench on the way home to dive into new titles.

Have observant kids that need some extra writing practice? Encourage your kids to keep a short nature journal and have them journal in different outdoor spots all the time about what’s going on around them.


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