Pro-Tip: Unlock Their Dreams Through Reading

What does your child want to be when they grow up?

A scientist? A veterinarian? An actor? A teacher? Kids have the most active imaginations concerning their futures, and the best part is, they can change almost every day. One day they might want to be a pioneering astronaut, the next an intrepid reporter — the possibilities are endless!

Whatever they want to be (or what they imagine for themselves this week, perhaps), explore this career path with them. Finding books on that subject (fiction or not) will not only keep them interested in reading, but also help them start to think critically about what it takes to be in that career. It’s never too early to start brainstorming for the future!

Take the extra step to help your child to see how what they’re learning in the classroom is applicable to the real world. Creating these connections between their budding passions and potential career choices and subjects in school will up the ante for their interest in their education.


As you dive into the multitude of careers your child may be interested in, here are a few titles to get your child’s imaginations pumping:
• “Rosie Revere, Engineer” by Andrea Beaty (and others including “Ada Twist, Scientist” and “Iggy Peck, Architect”)
• “A Day at the Fire Station” by Richard Scarry
• “I Want to Be a Veterinarian” by Laura Driscoll (and others in the series)
• “The Berenstain Bears: When I Grow Up” by Mike Berenstain
• “Whose Tools Are These?” by Sharon Katz Cooper

Happy Reading!


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