TK’s Blog: The Book Trust Promise

At one of my recent school visits earlier this month, one of our students explained what Book Trust meant to her. “Book Trust is a promise each and every month, that is what it means to me,” she said.

She is absolutely right. Book Trust is a promise to inspire the joy of reading and love of learning for students each and every month of the school year. We take this promise seriously and we fulfill this promise through the generous support of our Book Trust community. We know the stakes are high and our team works tirelessly to ensure we maximize our resources and provide the highest quality programming for our partner schools, teachers, and students.

This month, Morgan Stanley helped us keep our promise by spreading national awareness and investing directly into books for our students through Morgan Stanley’s Eagles for Impact Challenge at THE PLAYERS. But they didn’t stop there… Morgan Stanley selected Book Trust as their charity partner for their monthly Lights on Broadway in New York City’s time square. Our Book Trust mission—and our students—have been shining down on the streets of New York throughout the month of March, inspiring over 360,000 daily pedestrians.

The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation have been long-time supporters of Book Trust and once again showed their commitment to early literacy and Book Trust’s program throughout THE PLAYERS tournament. Justin’s very own Eagle during the tournament helped us reach 62 Eagles in total.

It is because of partners like Morgan Stanley and the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation, and all of you, who allow the Book Trust promise to exist, and for our students and teachers to depend upon it.

Today our promise and commitment is to 57,000 boys and girls across 21 states. Our active waitlist includes over 200 schools with 165,000 students who are hoping to experience the Book Trust promise today.

We believe that literacy is the key to ending generational poverty. Every $1 you invest in the Book Trust promise directly translates into making a difference in the future of a child’s life. We thank you for being a part of our Book Trust family and for helping us to keep our promise of book choice and ownership.



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