TK’s Blog: Halloween Book Fairies

If you are still struggling to think of a costume for Halloween, what about dressing up as a Book Fairy this year?

I had the great honor of seeing one of our amazing Book Trust teachers in action last week in New York City.

Before entering her classroom to visit with the students, she became very serious and shared that her kindergartners believe that the Book Fairy comes each month to deliver their Scholastic books. “Whatever you do,” she said, “please don’t give away the secret.”

Sure enough the Book Fairy had arrived, and had wrapped all of the books individually with a Book Fairy sticker on top. The students were so excited! As they ripped open the wrapping, I could see their imaginations start working.

Isn’t that what Halloween is all about? It’s about transformation, creation, and imagination. It’s a “socially acceptable” time for all of us, children and adults alike, to play and pretend. So why limit this to just one day a year? What if we allowed ourselves to play and pretend all the time, to constantly create and believe?


This is what I love about our Book Trust community. Our program brings the gift of imagination to every child, every month, and the books they choose and own allow them to travel to a world of infinite opportunities every time they turn the pages.

Thank you all for being the beloved Book Fairies for our Book Trust students, and thank you for spreading the joy and magic of reading all year long.

Happy Halloween!


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