Do Your Title I students have the choices they need to become successful readers and learners?

Book Trust is a national literacy program with more than 57,000 elementary school students in 21 states currently enrolled for the 2019 – 2020 school year. If you’d like to find out whether your school or district is a good fit for Book Trust’s program, please click on the appropriate button to get started.

I am a Teacher, Reading/Literacy Specialist, Librarian

If you would like to see if Book Trust is a fit for your classroom and school, take a few minutes to take the Book Trust “Match Questionnaire.”

I am a Principal, District Administrator

If you are interested in learning whether you can bring Book Trust to your school or district, complete this brief pre-application “Match Questionnaire.” There is no commitment, but you’ll better understand how this affordable and effective literacy program for your elementary school students might support your existing literacy instruction.

How Book Trust Builds Readers

No matter which Early Literacy curricula your district employs, Book Trust can amplify your success and help get more students reading at grade level.

 Built upon decades of research from national literacy experts such as Nell Duke, Linda Gambrell, and Ernest Morrell (all of whom are valued Book Trust Academic Advisory Board members), Book Trust’s program does so much more than provide free books for students in need. By building a collaborative partnership with districts, schools, community partners, Book Trust, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization, puts students in need at the center of the program, right where they belong.


Book Trust