Do It Yourself Fundraising

Interested in supporting Book Trust in your own way? Raise funds for students, classrooms—even entire schools—for the current school year through creative events and activities. Roll up your sleeves and get others involved. Here are some ideas that can help get you started . . .

Kids Helping Kids

Ask members of your school, classroom, sports group, or club to raise funds for Book Trust. Every $100 will support one low-income student for an entire school year. Activities might include:

Penny Drive

Change in your pocket can really add up! Host a penny drive at your school and compete to see which classroom can bring in the most change.

Holiday Gift Wrapping

Volunteer to wrap gifts during the holidays at a store that allows you to choose the charity of your choice for tips you generate (i.e., Barnes and Noble).

Car Wash

Gather your friends and host a car wash!

Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, Holiday Gifts

Designate that in lieu of gifts, donations can be made to Book Trust in honor of your special occasion.


Have students compete to see who can read the most books backed by sponsors who pledge to donate a certain dollar amount per completed book to buy books for low income students through Book Trust.

Bake Sale

Parents, teachers, and kids can cook up some yummy treats to sell at a bake sale at your school or in your neighborhood.

Book Clubs

You love books and now your book club can share that love of reading with students from low-income families. Raise $1,000 or more over the course of the school year and enter the Dr. Seuss’s Book Club giving level.

Social Clubs

Is your garden club, mommy-and-me group, or simply a few friends interested in giving back to support kids in need? Get your wheels turning and be inspired by the following adult-driven fundraising ideas:

Party Favors

At your next party, in lieu of party favors donate a book to a child in your guest’s honor (books are purchased for an average $2.50 each)

In Lieu of Gifts/Flowers

In honor of your special day, in memory of someone, or to celebrate special occasions, request family, friends, and colleagues to donate to Book Trust (link to Honor/memory donations)

Promotion Tables

Promote Book Trust and raise money by setting up a Book Trust table at various events in your community.

Silent Auction

Gather personal items along with donated services from local businesses and host a silent auction at your next party.

Garage Sales

If you are thinking of having a garage sale for all that stuff you no longer want or use, promote the sale as a benefit for putting books into the hands of kids in need. All or part of the sales could go to Book Trust.

Wear-What-You-Want Friday

Does your company have a dress code? Allow everyone to purchase a ticket to wear something other than the usual on Friday with all funds raised to support Book Trust.

Women Who Wine, Rotary, Jaycees, Kiwanis, etc.

Does your community have a local chapter of one of these or a similar group? Ask if you can make a presentation—or invite one of the Book Trust staff or board members to present. Then, pass a hat to benefit Book Trust.

Benefit Concerts

Do you know a popular local musician or famous A-list band? Ask them to donate their talent to raise money for Book Trust by hosting a private concert. All proceeds from ticket sales can go directly to buy books for children in need.

Need some tools to help you in your efforts? Let us know! We can offer you:

  • Pledge Cards
  • Sample Fundraising Letter
  • Book Trust Brochure