What You Can Do

Please join the

                               Book Trust 10

$10 a month for 10 months will inspire a kid’s passion for reading

                                          Hispanic Boy Spiderman Hoodie

Your donation will:

  • Enable a Book Trust student to build a personal library of up to 30 books over the school year
  • Provide Scholastic bonus points for teachers to build classroom resources
  • Engage students and teachers in the Book Trust Experience (choice, life skill development, anticipation, celebration, sharing, ownership & family engagement) inspiring a culture of literacy at school and in their homes


                                      $20/month supports 2 students for a year                            

                                          Two Girls Read-A-Thon


                                       $50/month supports 5 students all year long    

                                          Five Kids


                                      $100/month supports 10 Book Trust students!  

                                           Classroom of kids