What is Book Trust?

Book Trust’s mission is to help elementary school children with little/no access to books fall in love with reading and become lifelong learners. With Book Trust, students learn the power of choice and the pride of ownership, and students’ reading levels and academic performance improve, motivating them to succeed. 

Book Trust believes that Choice, Consistency and Celebration, along with access to books, create a world in which literacy removes barriers and provides all children with tools to navigate life successfully.  

In 2017, Book Trust provided nearly 1 million books to 51,000 students (22,000 in CO) who chose, read, and loved them.  

How is the Book Trust Program implemented?

Each month of the school year, Book Trust teachers engage their students in choosing books that connect to their interests. Anticipation builds as teachers place their students’ orders on Scholastic’s website and kids start asking, “Are the books here?” and “How many more days?” Upon the arrival of the coveted book box in classrooms, teachers celebrate the books with students and create excitement about being book owners. Students hug their books, and sometimes even smell them, before sharing their new prized possession with their peers. Prior to the books going home, students proudly write their names in their books and begin reading their books. Reading, or at least beginning the book, in the classroom allows students to lean on their teacher for any support and gain confidence in the new worlds they’re discovering between the pages. Books are then placed in backpacks and sent home for students to read with their families. 

How can I get involved with Book Trust?

There are a variety of options for those looking to support or get involved with Book Trust. For information on donating to Book Trust or ways to get involved, please see our donate page.

What types of organizations are eligible for Book Trust?

Book Trust’s program leverages teachers as a touchpoint. Therefore we only work with teachers and schools to administer the program.

How can I bring Book Trust to my school?

If you are interested in bringing Book Trust to your school, please fill out our Book Trust Program Interest Form.

Does Book Trust accept donations of books?

No, Book Trust does not accept book donations. Because we focus on student choice, this is not a part of our distribution model.


Book Trust