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Here you’ll find everything you need to help your students get the most from Book Trust’s program.

Below you’ll find a complete collection of teacher resources, many of which were mentioned in your online training – lesson plans, choice resources, family engagement handouts, and classroom videos – that will help you implement our program with the greatest success, and help your students get the most out of their new books every month.

Enjoy your experience with Book Trust (thousands of teachers already do!) and thank you for all you do for your students.

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Access and login to Book Trust’s online teacher training at any time during the school year for a refresher.

Book Trust's Key Components

Book Trust involves five key components, that when implemented consistently, create maximum impact for your students. Whether you are brand new to Book Trust or a seasoned pro, we've put together some resources, tips, and sample lesson plans you’ll find both useful and inspirational.

Interest-Based Choice

Teachers help students learn to make interest-based choices, supported by peer-to-peer conversations around choice during class time.

Frequency of Participation

Book Trust teachers facilitate the book ordering process every month of the school year.


Teachers lead monthly celebration on the day the books arrive, elevating the importance of reading. Kids get excited to talk about and read their new books.


With teacher support, kids get time in class to read their Book Trust books before they go home.

Family Engagement

Teachers help deliver a consistent message about nightly reading with Book Trust books, empowering families to build and support a culture of literacy at home.

Scholastic Bonus Points Video
Student Video – What does it mean to own books?
Student Video – How to Celebrate
Student Video – What is Book Trust?
Student Video – How to choose books!

Scholastic Logistics

Scholastic Book Clubs is the much-valued partner of Book Trust. We are grateful for their partnership, which makes it easy and simple to get books in the hands of the kids who need them most. Below you will find all the resources you learned about in the online training, and more.

Choosing Scholastic Books

Interest-based choice is at the heart of our program. There are a number of resources that you, as a teacher, can use to create a monthly routine around book choice.

Ordering Books

You will be ordering books from Scholastic Book Clubs every month of the school year. To ensure that orders are placed correctly every time, we have created a number of resources that can help you through the process like the Scholastic Ordering Instructions PDF and the Bonus Points video.

Book Trust Payment

Book Trust pays Scholastic directly for all valid monthly book orders. It is essential to understand our payment terms with Scholastic so you’ll never have to worry about an outstanding balance. Check out our FAQ below for answers to some of our most frequent payment / stipend questions.

Need Additional Help?

> Have questions about placing or receiving an order? Or questions about bonus points or coupons? Call Scholastic.

> Need to check your account balance? Login to your Scholastic account online.

> Have additional payment questions? Contact the Book Trust support team.

> Have questions about implementing our program with fidelity? Check-in with your Book Trust Manager.

Teacher Support

Supporting Book Trust teachers is the top priority of the Book Trust support team. Book Trust teachers, please get in touch if you need assistance with ordering or implementing Book Trust’s program.

Give us a call at 720.259.8050 or message us at support@booktrust.org.


Book Trust Teachers

Visit Scholastic and log in to order on the Student Flyer Orders tab.


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